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Li Yun Emphasizes To Strengthen The Bones Of The Industry

Nov 17, 2022

On Aug 3, Li Yun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, went to Yanting County for research, emphasizing the in-depth study and implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection visit to Sichuan, conscientiously implementing the municipal, provincial and central arrangement requirements, effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, better coordinating the development and security, strengthening of the bones of the industry, building of the bottom line of the development, and striving to the high-quality development of the county’s economy and society.

In Mianyang Liyuan(Lyrasom) New Energy Co., Ltd., Li Yun minutely acquainted enterprise capacity planning, research and development, production, etc., encouraging the enterprise to maintain a sense of pressure to climb over the hurdles, seizing the current lithium new energy opportunity, deeply culturing niche areas, improving the product structure, accelerating follow-up project construction, and striving to win greater market space. In Gerun Zhongtian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Li Yun minutely acquainted the development model of circular economy, emphasizing the implementation of waste utilization potentiality, accelerating the expansion of markets and business areas, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. Leizu Shengjing project, taking Leizu culture as the theme, focused on building recreation and tourism as one of the characteristics of the ancient town, and Li Yun pointed out that Leizu culture is a unique business card of Yanting, the project construction shall be accelerated to show the culture, gather popularity and collect business with high-quality cultural tourism industry projects and to create a new highlight of the development of cultural tourism industry. In the sun shine, the water surface of the western aquatic modern agricultural park of Shengli Village, Julong Town was glistening, and Li Yun came here to learn more about aquaculture and agro-tourism development and other situations. He urged the person in charge to grasp the construction of modern agricultural parks, adhere to standardization, normalization and quality, and further build a stronger base, create a better brand and expand the industry. Li Yun emphasized that the industry is an important basis for promoting high-quality development, we shall keep a foothold in geographical location, resource endowment, regional culture, ecological background, increase investment, provide more quality services, and constantly stabilize the stock, expand the quantity, improve the quality, and that we should make the leading industries bigger and stronger, specialize and refine the special industries, continue to cultivate and grow market players, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality economic development.

In the current main flood season, Li Yun was concerned about the work of flood and drought control. He came to the Julong Town Government to check three levels of the revised and improved county, town and village flood control emergency plans, emphasizing that we should do a good job of hidden danger investigation and rectification, material preparation, emergency exercises, transfer of risk and other work, ensuring safe flood season; coordinating flood control and drought-relief efforts, and completing flood control and water storage. Meanwhile, we should coordinate epidemic prevention and control, work safety and geological disaster prevention and control, and do our utmost to prevent all kinds of risks. Li Yun also listened to a report on the work of the “three rural areas”, emphasizing that we must firmly guard the two bottom lines of ensuring national food security and not to return to poverty on a large scale, and promote the key work of “three rural areas” in a solid and orderly manner to ensure stable and increased agricultural production, steady income growth for farmers, and stability and peace in the countryside.

Before the investigation in Yanting, Li Yun went to the Mianyang Meteorological Bureau for an in-depth understanding of short term weather forecasts and weather disaster warnings. He pointed out that weather forecasting should be timely and accurate, we should strengthen the construction of grassroots meteorological stations, pay more attention to the use of scientific and technological means, further enhance the prediction, early warning, forecasting capabilities, firmly guard the first line of defense against disasters and make greater contributions to the city’s flood control and safety.

Vice Mayor Li Dong, Secretary General of the municipal government Liu Jiang, and main responsible persons of concerned municipal departments participated in the relevant investigation.

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