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Various Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Your Needs

A variety of battery solutions to satisfy your needs

Lyrasom products have a wide range of applications: household off-grid/grid-connected energy storage system, UPS standby power supply system, telecommunication system, emergency light, standby power supply system, photovoltaic street lamp, etc.

Are you looking for batteries suitable for the following industries? If not, please contact us battery energy storage companies for more information.

Solution for household energy storage 

The energy storage system of domestic battery storage stores abundant electricity into the energy storage system through the solar power generation device on the roof, the energy generated by the household wind turbine, and the low-cost power source of the social power supply system for use at peak hours. It can not only be used as an emergency power supply, but save electricity expenses for households. Besides household use, this kind of bess energy storage system can also be used for field work and emergency power failure, for general household appliances, computers, lighting, communication equipment, etc.

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