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Rack Mount Battery Module

Easy To Install/Suitable For Critical Applications/Reduces Floor Space

A modular and compact battery pack that is designed to be mounted on a rack. It is easy to install and perfect for use in applications like data centers, telecom facilities, and other critical areas.

Types of Rack Mount Battery Module

What are the benefits of a rack mount battery module? 

A rack mount battery module offers several benefits, including high energy density, quick and easy installation, and flexibility in placement. Additionally, it can provide reliable backup power to critical loads in the event of a power outage. 

Can a rack mount battery module be hot-swapped? 

Yes, a rack mount battery module can be hot-swapped, meaning it can be replaced without any disruptions to the connected loads. This eliminates the need for downtime during maintenance or replacement. 

How is a rack mount battery module integrated into a larger battery system? 

Rack mount battery modules can be connected in series or parallel to create a larger battery bank. Multiple battery banks can be connected together to create a complete energy storage system that can be used for backup power, load balancing, or peak shaving.

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