Huizhou Liyuan New Energy Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Liyuan New Energy Co., Ltd.

Social Responsibility

The company is dedicated to on-demand development and continuous innovation, constantly enhancing the capabilities of customized research and development of products in application environment and electrical performance, etc., and wholeheartedly proposing competitive power solutions for users worldwide.

Free design

Design of the structure of lithium battery pack, design of smart battery scheme of voltameter, design of protection scheme of power battery and design of control circuit of energy storage/standby power supply.

PACK technology of lithium Ion battery

The company mainly provides a technical platform of market competitiveness for power tools and other products by virtue of lithium battery multi-parallel series technology, smart battery development technology and power battery protection circuit technology, etc.

Electric power management technology of voltameter

The company has grasped the core technology of smart battery, made constant improvements and perfection, and developed many intelligent circuit schemes for single battery to seventeen-string lithium battery packs.

Production capacity guarantee

There are more than 300 employees in the company, and the plant area is over 40,000 square meters, relating to the design and customized production of lithium batteries in various industries.