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Solutions of New Energy Power Generation

Jul 13, 2020

An energy storage system is configured at the power generation site, which, for the traditional power generation field, mainly aims to assist in dynamic operation, and replace or postpone newly built generator sets; for new energy power stations, it mainly improves the characteristics of new energy sources, stabilize the power fluctuations of new energy power generation, reduce abandoned wind and light, track the planned power output, improve the electric energy quality, and improve the safe and stable operation level of power grids. Lyrasom can provide customized container schemes, and the installed capacity of 40-foot standard containers can reach 3 MWh.

Solutions of New Energy Power Generation for a Sustainable Future

The world is in dire need of a sustainable energy solution. Climate change is rampant, and greenhouse gas emissions are continuously rising. The only feasible solution is to shift towards new energy power generation. As a result, many brands like Lyrasom are working towards developing an innovative and sustainable solution. 

Below are four subtopics that will focus on different solutions of new energy power generation that can turn the tables towards a brighter future.

1. Solar Energy - The Key to Clean Energy

Lyrasom, like many other brands, is focusing on harnessing solar energy as a primary source of electricity. The brand is developing solar panels that are low-cost and highly efficient, making them accessible to almost everyone. Solar energy is a feasible option because it is non-polluting and can be used in remote areas where the electricity grid is not present. 

2. Wind Energy - Harnessing Nature's Energy

Wind energy is another sustainable and clean energy source. Wind turbines capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into electricity. Lyrasom is working towards developing highly efficient wind turbines that can produce electricity even in low-wind conditions. 

3. Hydropower - Tapping into the Power of Water

Hydropower is another sustainable source of energy. It is generated by harnessing the power of flowing or falling water. Lyrasom is working towards developing miniature hydropower plants that can produce electricity in small streams, rivers and dams. 

4. Geothermal Energy - A Hidden Treasure of the Earth

Geothermal energy is generated by utilizing the heat from the earth's core. It is a highly reliable, renewable, and virtually emission-free energy source. Lyrasom is working towards developing geothermal power plants that can be operated in urban areas.


In conclusion, we need to focus on new energy power generation solutions that can help us achieve a sustainable future. Lyrasom and other such brands are playing an integral part in developing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. We need to embrace these solutions and make a conscious effort towards a brighter future.

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