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Competing Economy Counties Are In Action

Dec 05, 2022

As a major agricultural county in hilly regions, on the basis of ensuring the general stable growth basis of the foodgrain and oilseed production, the local government also vigorously implements the strategy of “strengthening county by industry”.

The first and second industries can become stronger with the park area as the carrier and wade out a new road of transformation and upgrading of the major agricultural county in hilly regions.

Mianyang Liyuan New Energy Co. Ltd., (Lyrasom) which is located in the Economic Development Zone of Yanting County, is a high-tech enterprise integrating the technological research and development, production, sales of the lifepo4/ lithium ion batteries, home battery storage, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, and portable station etc.,

The company's newly developed "All-polar ear winding cylindrical lithium battery assembly patent technology" can improve the safety and fast charging performance of lifepo4 batteries.

Reporter Deng Yan: The type 32140 battery lifepo4 cell I'm holding is the most widely used and popular battery on the market today.

This battery is used in photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and communication base stations that we know very well.

In the production workshop, type 32140 Lithium batteries cell keep coming off the line with the speed of 44 pieces per minute.

As the huge market demands, the two production lines that the enterprise has put into operation so far are hard to meet the market’s demands.

To improve production capacity, the most direct way is to increase production lines.

But owing to lack of liquid capital, which makes the enterprise embarrassed.

In order to meet the urgent needs of the enterprise, the local government launched a campaign of "improving the quality of the park area" and "filling the park area with enterprises".

By ways of establishing the enterprise service specialist, and setting up financing docking platform, it can provide services for enterprises in the park, which also makes Mianyang Lithium Source New Energy Co., Ltd. successfully obtained financing loans.

Huang Qiang, who is Secretary of Party Working Committee of Economic Development District of Yanting County, Mianyang City: We are coordinating the bank to solve the 9.5 million yuan fund of this enterprise, which is used in increasing production lines and expand the enterprise’s production capacity.

Meanwhile we are coordinating with the electrical department to guide this enterprise to reasonably plan their production time, which maximally reduced cost of electricity.

Presently, with the help of Economic Development District of Yanting, the enterprise is accelerating the push for the second and third phase construction of that project, and is expected to finish the order task this year smoothly.

Long Xingjia, General Manager of Mianyang Lithium Source New Energy Co. Ltd.: If the overall construction of the third phase is completed according to the target, the annual output value after completion will be 2 billion yuan and more than 1,500 jobs will be provided.

Since the launch of the campaign of "improving the quality of the park area" and "filling the park area with enterprises" was implemented, the settled enterprises in the industrial park of Economic Development District of Yanting County has been reached 112, of which 31 are enterprises above designated size, and 6 are 100 million yuan enterprises.

Not only industry, stabilizing agriculture is also an important task.

In Leizu Town of Yanting County, the area is relying on high-quality land resources and natural environment and using Leizu’ IP empowering regional culture, it has invested 800 million yuan to build an area of more than 11,000 mu of grain and oil modern agricultural park.

Feng Mingfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Leizu Town of Yanting County, Mianyang City: By adopting the pastoral complex development mode of “modern agriculture, pastoral community, leisure travel, health regimen vacation, farm work experience”, and it builds to form a product system of “ecological barn experience zone + folk-custom holiday resort+ smart holiday resort + Leizu culture immersive experience holiday resort”.

The industrial industries form aggregation by strengthening and improving the stock, and expanding increment to invite investment.

Through the advantages of Leizu culture and natural environment, it led the sustainable and vigorous development of modern agriculture.

In the first half of this year, Yanting County's gross regional product reached 8.811 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 4.3%.

The economic society of the whole county showed an enterprising posture of high-quality development.

He Changying, who is the Secretary of the County Committee: On the one hand, we firmly hold the bottom line of food security, promote the transformation of Yanting from a large agricultural county to a strong agricultural county,

On the other hand, we will catch the important opportunity of oil and gas resources exploration to speed up the application for the construction of a chemical industry park by introducing and storing a batch of significant energy and chemical industry projects, so as to build a ten-billion level natural gas chemical industry cluster.

By keeping to the goal of comprehensively constructing the strong ecological economy of Chengdu-Chongqing area, we should try to promote the high-quality development of the county economy.

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