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Lithium/Lifepo4 Battery New Energy Industry Will Be An Important Pillar Of The Industry In Yanting County In The Future

Aug 08, 2022

Lithium/Lifepo4 battery new energy industry is the strategic emerging industry recommended by the state in focus, and also the main direction for promoting the high-quality development of industrial economy of Yanting.

The Mianyang Liyuan (lyrasom) New Energy Project, signed and implemented in April last year, can produce 4 gigawatt-hour lithium-ion power batteries, which are widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit and other fields.

It will become an important pillar of the industry in Yanting County in the future

At present, the project construction has been accelerating.

Let’s go to the site to have a look.

With a total investment of 1 billion yuan, The Mianyang lyrasom New Energy Project covers an area of 200 mu, and divided into three phases.

Currently, the first phase of the project is under construction, and 80% of the project has been completed.

All the factory buildings have been completed.

Ran Cheng, who is the Lithium Battery Project Specialist of the Management Committee of Economic Development District of Yanting County: Next we will decorate the factory and try to complete all factory decoration by the end of August.

After that, the equipment will be mobilized to be installed and debuted successively, and we will try to have trial production at the beginning of September and put into production officially at the end of September.

Li Yuanyuan, Reporter: Although the project has not been completed yet, I just learned on the site that this company has received the order in advance, and the amount is as high as 600 million yuan.

So what makes this project so magical?

Next, let’s invite the Project Director Mr. Long to introduce to us.

Long Xingjia, Vice General Manager of Mianyang LiYuan (Lyrasom) New Energy Co. Ltd.: The main reasons why our products can be favored by users are as follows:

Firstly there are only three companies in China that can do this big cylindrical cell lithium battery, and we are the only one inside Sichuan that can do it;

Secondly in terms of technology, the material system of lithium iron phosphate is adopted, with very high safety factor;

Thirdly is we are highly cost effective. As to cost, we can compress the cost to the lowest.

The high-end product is because of the support of a strong technical team.

According to information, the main technical personnel of this company come from Central South University, which is called the Huangpu Military Academy of the lithium battery industry.

Long Xingjia, Vice General Manager of Mianyang Liyuan (Lyrasom) Energy Co. Ltd.: Our project has more than 20 technical backbones. So far, as one of the leading battery energy storage system companies, we have already had 9 patents.

We are now planning to apply for national high-tech enterprise.

In the Whole City’s Series Economic Development and Key Projects Construction Site Meeting held not long ago, leaders of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government had high hopes for the lithium source new energy project and expressed their recognition for the technological innovation of the company.

The project director said that this had greatly improved their confidence and vigor to make the project stronger and bigger.

Long Xingjia, Vice General Manager of Mianyang Liyuan (Lyrasom) New Energy Co. Ltd.: Our next goal is to work overtime to rush for the decoration period, and strive to smoothly put into production in September to achieve the goal of annual output value of 2 billion yuan.

Meanwhile we will try to attract our upstream and downstream firms to Yanting to invest and develop.

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