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LYH4850-H(S) High Voltage Stack Mount Battery

This battery pack is perfect for demanding energy storage applications, with options for 10kWh and 15kWh Lithium Iron phosphate battery capacity. The High voltage stack Mount Lithium ion technology allows for easy expansion, supporting both series and parallel connections to create larger capacities and voltages. The intelligent built-in BMS ensures stable and safe performance, while the compact size allows for easy installation. Compatible with many famous brand inverters, this battery pack is the perfect choice for your energy storage needs.

Specifications Of LYH4850-H(S) High Voltage Stack Mount Battery

Battery ModuleLYH48100-L(S)LYH48500-H(S)
Usable Energy 5.12kWh2.56kWh
Max Output Current100A50A
Peak Output Current110A80A
Nominal Voltage51.2V51.2V
Operating Voltage44.8V-58.444.8V-58.4
Dimensions (H/W/D)700x400x195480x380x195
Battery SystemParallelSeries
Number of Modules1-8P2-12S
Usable Energy 5.12kWh x N2.56kWh x N
Max Output Current100A x N50A
Peak Output Current110A X N80A
Nominal Voltage51.2V51.2V x N
Operating Voltage44.8v-58.4(44.8V-58.4)xN
Dimensions (H/W/D)700x400x(195xN)480x380x(195xN)
Protective Class IP54
Communication CAN/RS485
Battery Protection Over-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/Under-voltage/Over temperature
Warranty5 years
Life Span>10 years

Features Of LYH4850-H(S) High Voltage Stack Mount Battery:

  • 96V,144V,192V…….customized.

  • Support to be connected in parallels and in series for large capacity and voltage.

  • Safety/Reliable LFP cell, longer cycle life with higher energy density.

  • Intelligent BMS built-in, stable performance.

  • Compact size for easy installation.

  • Diverse model options and Expansion.

  • Many famous brand inverters compatible.

Applications Of LYH4850-H(S) High Voltage Stack Mount Battery:

  • Communication base station;

  • Data center;

  • Communication outdoor cabinet;

  • Solar hybrid power system;

  • Home energy storage system.

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