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LY58200 Wall Energy Storage Battery

Lyrasom household energy storage series: LY58100 can provide users with a higher product experience and has a longer service life because it adopts the most advanced assembly technology, the original automotive-grade A battery, and the automobile-level assembly process. Its cycle life is up to 6000+ times.

The leading LCD/LED touch screen intelligent monitoring system uses LCD/LED touch screen design to view the battery management system information on the computer more conveniently.

A liquid crystal touch screen is easy to operate, and more details can be understood in one second. Compared with the traditional key control design, LY58100 lithium battery solar cell is not only modern and fashionable, but also more convenient and labor-saving.

Specification of LY58200 Wall Energy Storage Battery

Model NameLY-58100LY-58200
Rated Voltage51.2V51.2V
Rated Capacity (C5)100Ah@25°C200Ah@25°C
Months Self Discharge<3%<3%
Charge Efficiency99.5%@ 0.2C99.5%@ 0.2C
Discharge Efficiency96-99%@ 1C96-99%@ 1C
Terminal DiameterM8M8
Internal resistance (Fully charged, 25°C)≤200mΩ≤200mΩ
Cycle life>3000 cycles @ 0.2C 100%D.O.D>3000 cycles @ 0.2C 100%D.O.D
affected by
Nominal operating temperature25°C± 3°C (77°F± 5°F)25°C± 3°C (77°F± 5°F)
Discharge- 20°C~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)- 20°C~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
Charge0°C~ 45°C (32°F ~ 113°F)0°C~ 45°C (32°F ~ 113°F)
Storage0°C~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)0°C~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
Water Dust ResistanceIP50IP50
Charge Voltage57V57V
Standard Charge Mode
0.2CA Constant Current to 57V,
then Constant Voltage 57V
until the current drops to 0.02CA,
before use, rest 30 minutes
0.2CA Constant Current to 57V,
then Constant Voltage 57V
until the current drops to 0.02CA,
before use, rest 30 minutes
Charge Current20A40A
Maximum Charge Current50A100A
Charge Cut off Voltage57V57V
Continuous Discharge Current100A100A
Maximum Pulse Current150A (<1S)150A (<1S)
Discharge Cut Off Voltage46V46V
Communicate Protocol (optional)RS485/RS232/CANRS485/RS232/CAN
SOC (optional)Screen/LED/PC SoftwareScreen/LED/PC Software
Application connection1 string 1 parallel1 string 1 parallel
MechanicalCells16 Strings16 Strings

Features Of LY58200 Wall Energy Storage Battery:

  • Automotive-grade battery, 6000+ cycles or longer service life.

  • Small size, beautiful appearance, and easy installation.

  • RS485/232/CAN communication interface.

  • The visual led touch screen can view the voltage of each cell inside the battery.

  • The cell has 8 capacity gradings, so it is highly consistent, stable, and reliable.

  • The master-slave high-precision BMS carries out real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, soc estimation, short-circuit protection, charge-discharge control, and equalization on battery parameters.

Applications Of LY58200 Wall Energy Storage Battery:

  • Residential electricity;

  • Villages where there is no electricity or there is insufficient electricity;

  • High-end villas/clubhouses;

  • Industrial and commercial users.

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