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LYH48200-L(F) Wall Energy Storage Battery

Lyrasom household energy storage series: LYH48200-L can provide users with a higher quality product experience and it has a longer service life because it adopts a simpler and more generous screenless design, and the most advanced assembly technology and the automotive-grade A battery. It uses the upgraded lithium-ion batteries with the latest battery technology.

Lyrasom lithium battery model is suitable for all kinds of intelligent home appliances, and it has long time power supply and stable discharge performance. The company has an independent BMS R&D team to provide more effective battery protection, improve battery stability, and extend battery life.

Specifications Of LYH48200-L(F) Wall Energy Storage Battery

Model NameLYH48100-L(W)LYH48200-L(F)
Nominal Capacity100Ah200Ah
Nominal Voltage51.2V51.2V
Standard Charge Current50A50A
Max. Charge Current100A100A
Standard Discharge Current50A50A
Max. Continues Discharge current100A100A
Peak Current150A  ≤5s150A  ≤5s
Module ParallelUp to 8 packs
Cycle Life6000 times, 25°C
Working Temperature Range

Charge: 0°C~-550°C

Discharge: -20°C~-60°C

Storage Temperature-10°C~-50°C
Battery ProtectionOver-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/
Under-voltage/Over temperature
Warranty5 years
Life Span>10 years

Features Of LYH48200-L(F) Wall Energy Storage Battery:

  • Installation: Wall mounted/ Floor Mount.

  • Matched with various global top lnverter brands.

  • High safety standard of LFP (LiFePO4) cell.

  • Long life battery design supported by the efficient equalization technology.

  • Advanced BMS protection functions.

  • Widely used for solar system storage, telecom back-up, central data center...etc.

Applications Of LYH48200-L(F) Wall Energy Storage Battery:

  • Residential electricity;

  • Villages where there is no electricity or there is insufficient electricity;

  • High-end villas/clubhouses;

  • Industrial and commercial users.

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