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LY-H-48100 High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery

LY-H-48100 High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery by Lyrasom - the perfect high voltage battery for UPS. Enjoy seamless power delivery and high performance with this advanced high voltage LiFePO4 battery. Choose LY-H-48100 for reliable and uninterrupted power supply. The best high voltage LiFePO4 battery solution for your UPS needs by Lyrasom.

Specification of LY-H-48100 High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery

Model NO.
Product Parameters
LY-H-48100Batteries materials: Lithium iron phosphate
Series parallel mode (S series, P parallel): 16S1P
Nominal voltage: 51.2V
Nominal capacity: 100AH
Size (mm): 1880*650*600MM
Weight: 520KG
Color: Optional
Parallel support: Parallel terminals are supported
Output port mode: terminal
Charging way: CC/CP/VP
Charging current: 0.2C(standard)
Maximum charging current: Max1.2C @25℃
Charge cut-off voltage: 58.4V/CELL
Discharge way: CC/CP/VP
Discharge current: 0.5C
Maximum discharge current: Max0.5C @25℃
Discharge cut-off voltage: 44.8V
According to: LCD
Communication interface: RS485/RS232/CAN
Charging operating temperature: charging: 0~+50℃
Discharge operating temperature: discharge: -20~+55℃

Warranty: 5 years

Scope of application: hospital, bank data center, enterprise energy storage backup power supply, office, military, base station and other

Features Of LY-H-48100 High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery:

  • 96V,144V,192V,240V,288V,336V,384V,409.6V…….

  • Support to be connected in parallels and in series for large capacity and voltage

  • Safety/Reliable LFP cell, longer cycle life with higher energy density

  • Intelligent BMS built-in, stable performance

  • Compact size for easy installation

  • Diverse model options and Expansion

  • Many famous brand inverters compatible


Applications Of LY-H-48100 High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery:

  • Communication base station

  • Data center

  • Communication outdoor cabinet

  • Solar hybrid power system

  • Home energy storage system

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