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LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power

Discover LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power, the ultimate solution for your energy needs by Lyrasom. The all in one solar power system offers pure sine wave output, 4 charging modes, uninterrupted power supply function and power saving modes with intelligent fan control. LY-A-101 is the perfect solar battery all in one or solar all in one energy storage system you have been looking for.

Specifications Of LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power

Maximum PV Input Power6500 W
Rated Output Power6000 W
Maximum Charging Power6000 W
Nominal DC Voltage / Maximum DC Voltage360 VDC / 500 VDC
Start-Up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage116 VDC / 150 VDC
MPP Voltage Range120 VDC ~ 450 VDC
Number of MPP Trackers / Maximum Input Current2 / 2 x 13 A
Nominal Output Voltage208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Output Voltage Range184 - 264.5 VAC*
Maximum Output Current23.9 A*
Maximum Conversion Effificiency (DC / AC)96%
European Effificiency @ Vnominal95%
AC Start-Up Voltage / Auto Restart Voltage120 - 140 VAC / 180 VAC
Acceptable Input Voltage Range170 - 280 VAC
Maximum AC Input Current40 A
Nominal Output Voltage208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Effificiency (DC to AC)93%
BATTERY Technical Specifications
Nominal DC Voltage51.2 VDC
Battery Capacity200Ah400Ah
Maximum Charging Current100 A
Dimension, D x W x H (mm)214 x 621 x 1200214 x 621 x 1750
Net Weight (kg)85165
Nominal Voltage51.2 VDC
Full Charge Voltage (FC)56 V
Full Discharge Voltage (FD)45V
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current120A
Maximum Discharging Current120 A at 1 min
ProtectionBMS, Breaker
Charge Voltage56V
Charge Current20A(0.2C)
Maximum Charging Current100A(0.5C)
Standard Charge Method0.2 C CC (Constant current) charge to FC, CV (Constant voltage FC) charge till charge current decline to < 0.05 C
Inner Resistance< 20 m Ohm
*These figures may vary depending on different AC voltage and contry regulation. Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Features Of LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power:

  •  Sine wave output

  •  There are 4 charging modes to choose from: solar power only, main first, solar first and hybrid charging

  •  It has two output modes of main bypass and inverter, with uninterrupted power supply function

  •  With power saving modes function, reduce no-load loss intelligent adjustable speed fan, efficient heat dissipation prolong system life

Inverter Key Features Of LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power:

  •  Pure sine wave solar inverter

  •  Output power factor 1

  •  Parallel operation up to 9 units

  •  High PV input voltage range

  •  Battery-in 100Ah MPPT solar charger

  •  Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend life cycle

  •  Built-in anti-dust kit for harsh environment

Applications Of LY-A-101 All In One Solar Power:

  •  Communication base station

  •  Data center

  •  Communication outdoor cabinet

  •  Solar hybrid power system

  •  Home energy storage system

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